Nanö kids clothing

Nanö is a Canadian kids clothing line offering high quality clothes with colorful and original designs. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, Nanö’s designers create clothes collections allying style and comfort, for every occasions. From bathing suits to winter coats built to resist Canada’s coldest winters, Nanö sells children’s clothes suitable for each season.

  • Original collections inspired by the latest fashion trends
  • High quality kids’ clothes at a very competitive price
  • Perfect balance between style and comfort
  • Snowsuits designed to resist winter’s most extreme conditions

The opportunity to become a Nanö wholesaler

Nanö is looking for wholesalers specialized in the fields of fashion or kids clothing, in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Germany and France. Nanö offers advantageous business partnerships, with a very interesting profit margin and the possibility to get exclusivity of distribution rights for your territory. The consumer demand for Nanö’s clothes in Europe is growing, and a number of different stores have already shown interest in the brand. By becoming a Nanö wholesaler, you could profit from this list of interested retailers and expand your distribution network!

  • Very interesting profit margin on distributed products
  • Possibility to get exclusivity of distribution rights for your territory
  • Assistance and support from a qualified marketing team
  • Steadily growing demand for Nanö clothes in Europe
  • Renowned brand already successfully distributed in various European markets

Become a Nanö Wholesaler



Become a wholesaler

How to distribute Nanö kids clothes in your country?


Complete the online form or contact Nanö by phone at 1-418-878-9555. Make sure to include the maximum of information about your distribution network.


A Nanö sale representative will contact you to confirm your information, to explain how the distribution parternship works and to verify your company’s credit score.


Once your application has been approved, you’ll be able to request samples of Nanö’s clothers. If necessary, a representative will travel to meet you. At all time, you will get the help and support of a qualified marketing team for client prospecting, selling and distributing Nanö’s products.


Place your order using our catalogue, receive the products directly from the manufacturer and become a Nanö ambassador in your country!